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"Web offset" printing system which is the ideal solution for high volume projects is another printing technique service of our company. Although the basic working principle is not very different from sheet offset machines, the greatest advantage of this printing technique is that the raw material is been put into machines as rolls and the printing speed is high with folded finishing. This advantage allows us to achieve economic and quality results in high quantity projects like book, magazine, insert, newspaper, catalogue etc. Our web offset department has a total of 4 printing machines with a daily printing capacity of 11 million frames/day.

Machinery Park

    Model               Number Of      Number Of         Date Of               Type      Cutting

                                 Pages            Color             Production                             (cm)

MANROLAND               32                 5*                  2011              Commercial     62

 - Lithomen

MANROLAND               32                 4                    2011              Commercial     58

 - Euromen

MANROLAND               16                 4                    2010              Commercial     62

 - Rotomen

TENSOR                       48                 4                    2010                   Semi           58


 *For applying Fragrance Varnish (Scratch & Sniff).

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