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Our Folding Carton department has Gallus ICS 670 machine, which is capable of processing raw material from bobbin and sheet, and able to process foil, local lacquer, embossing and cutting in line. We are the first owner of the Gallus ICS 670 printing machine in Turkey and give service to various sectors such as cigarette, cosmetics, and food and household chemicals. We add 105 x 145 cm and 72 x 102 cm size printing machines to our machinery park with investments based on developing the technology. Our department has 2.5 million folding carton production per day and we continue our investment in pre-press and post-press processes.

Machinery Park

Brand - Model                Press                   Number          Size / Width          Date of

                                                                  of Color                (cm)              Production                   

GALLUS             CUTTING+UV+FLEXO                      11                              67                     2014


KBA                             VARNISH                                6                        102X142                2013

KBA                             VARNISH                                7                         74X106                 2010


HEIDELBERG-CD          VARNISH                               6                          72X102                 2018

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