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Foggy Forest

As Bilnet Printing and Publishing Corporation; our customers' demands and expectations based on customer satisfaction in all our processes; product and service quality without compromising, timely, with a wide range of products and services to meet our customers and be a reliable solution partner.


While carrying out all our production processes, environmental awareness of our employees is ensured through efficient use of energy and natural resources, prevention of pollution at the source, reduction or recovery of waste and awareness pieces of training in order to transfer a clean and healthy environment to future generations.


Quality, Environment, Food Safety Policies:

  • To be able to compete in the world market with our product quality, reliability, and experience.

  • To adopt the customer-focused quality approach to the whole organization.

  • To ensure the improvement of the quality system and production efficiency by providing necessary technological investments and pieces of training.

  • Provide our quality to not a level reached and maintained for our company, to be a changing and renewed target according to the conditions formed in parallel with the development of the world.

  • To continuously renew and improve our production methods with the aim of providing ease of application to our customers.

  • To carry out the necessary work for the continuous improvement of the integrated management system and for the fulfilment of the applicable conditions without compromising the legal regulations and conditions in any way.

  • Within the scope of all our activities, we evaluate our recyclable waste in environmental awareness, reduce the limited use of natural resources, prevent pollution caused by environmentally hazardous wastes, not affect the living life negatively, take necessary measures in order not to pollute the environment.

  • To produce folding cartons of food and none-food packaging according to food safety standards and requirements.

  • To fulfil the FSC® (FSC® C084710) or PEFC certified product demands from our customers, to cooperate with our suppliers, to meet the relevant standards, to maintain the system created for this purpose, to carry out studies for further development.


Our policy is to ensure the implementation of the Quality, Environment and Food Safety Policy we have created and to continuously improve the Quality, Environment and Food Safety Management Systems.


Ertuğrul ÖZTÜRK                                                                                        

General Manager


Foggy Forest
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